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5 ***** Review

The Coastguard


Marie Macneill


It’s Peter’s birthday and the first day of his enforced retirement. There’s a present for him, wrapped in blue tissue paper on the table. But his wife, Mary, won’t come out of the back room. His daughter, Lia loves him dearly and wants to come and celebrate but Storm Lear is brewing.  Her husband, Cal is pushing plans for Peter to sell his clifftop house. Peter is standing his ground.




After all, he is THE COASTGUARD and some things need to be protected to the death.

“The Coastguard is a poignant and beautifully observed piece of drama. John Macneill skilfully commands the stage and draws us into his isolated and precarious life, as pressures from his family and the world beyond bear down on him.

A story of our times”

Fin Irwin, Managing Director, IntoBodmin

Touring February 2020